Small Bites 

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Assortment of Meat, Cheese Wedge & Salted
Nuts, Toast with Mango Chutney                                             24.
Cheese Platter Assortment of cheeses, honey drizzle, dried fruit, &

nuts                                                                                         17.

Hummus (glutten free) with Organic Sea Salted Chips                                                                                       6.            
Dried Fruit & Nuts Bowl                                                            6.
Large Pimeinto Stuffed Greek Olives                                         6.
Assortment of Premium Salted Nuts                                         6.5
Dark Chocolate Covered Fruit Jar: Dried Blueberries, Cherries, and Cranberries                                                                             5.
Whole Wheat Pretzel Twists with Aioli Garlic Mustard               7.
Sea Salt Caramel Squares Trio                                                 4